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Cinesia.ch Have you ever been hesitating to go to see a movie because the reviews seemed to be too positive to be honest? Are you, too, frustrated by the fact that it seems that you have a totally different opinion on movie ratings than the journalists and other reviewers? Are you sick to see all the commercials qualifying the worst movie of the year as being the greatest movie of all times?

Free of all commercial or business system that could be influencing our opinions, we at Cinesia.ch have set our goal. We will offer you many reviews from diverse reviewers on each movie. Using the profiles of our reviewers you’ll be able to find out their cinematographic-tastes and find the one best fitted for you. And so you might find that his reviews may fit you better than just any other one. In hope that our brand new concept will help you find the right movies or DVDs for you.

The Cinesia Team


Find out what are the cinematographic tastes of our journalists :
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Frédéric Andreae _ [ Fred ]
César Metzger _ [ Caesar ]
Robert Andreae _ [ Robert ]
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How to use this website and its reviews?

The following may seem obvious or natural but we chose to precise it in order for to know the extent of your possibilities towards this website or its reviewers.
For the great majority of the reviews, we’ll be able to read several opinion or feeling about the same film. When you’re reading a review, a difference of appreciation between our journalists always exists. One finds the movie excellent while the other finds it of no interest. The question is: Who to believe, who to trust? But above all: am I going to like this film or not? The answer varies from a person to another and depends a lot on your cinematographic tastes; and it’s precisely to answer to this problem that this website has been developed. To find out which of our journalists has the closest tastes to yours, and therefore the one you can rely on, 3 methods are available:

Go to the “personality profile” page of each of our reviewers. You’ll find there a wide insight into the different films, genres, directors, actor and actresses that the reviewer finds excellent and like particularly. You’ll then quickly be able to know which one of us has the same film tastes as you.

The second method is pretty similar to the first one and consists of reading the review about a particular film that you know and look for the reviewer that has the same opinion as you. You will then know which of us appreciate the same things you do in a movie.

The third method – often the most effective one – is to go on the message board (or discussion forum) and ask questions after having presented yourself. Will then be very happy to discover what are you film tastes and what are the movies you love in order to personally guide you through this enormous world which is Cinema.

The appreciation panel :

For each review, our journalists use an appreciation panel in order to express which of the aspect of the film they liked or dislike. Here’s a deeper explanation of each the rated aspects:


Overall feeling.


Represent what the review author expected the movie to be. It’s interesting to compare this grade with the General one, you’ll then know if the movie was a surprise or a deception.


This grade is the most technical one. It covers everything concerning the directing of the film and of the actors, the way in which the story is handle, the camera movements, the rhythm, etc…


Express the credibility of the actors and the quality of the acting. It is not an average on all the actors in the movie, but more like a global feeling. Often one actor or actress can push the grad up or bring it down.


Express the quality of the story itself. If it’s captivating or not, if it’s realistic, credible, coherent or if the plot is simply well put together.


Nothing special to explain here, except that even if the grade is high that doesn’t mean necessarily that one can buy the soundtrack immediately; but means that the music (or the musical atmosphere) mixes well with the “action”.


Express the desire or the pleasure that the reviewer will have to watch the movie again. It represents also, in another way, the frequency at which the movie is “re-watchable”.

Horrible movie
Usually contracted in one sentence, the comments section is there to help you make yourself a quick idea on how good the film is or what are the movie's principal qualities or lacks.
Really bad
Simply not good
Very good
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